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Taco Salad Bowls

Not too far down the road from me, there's a restaurant that used to serve taco salads in edible bowls. I always ordered the salads for take-out and enjoyed them, but recently, the restaurant went under new management and they no longer offer the taco salads. After some searching around, and finding many ways to make the edible bowls with tortillas at home (including using the backside of muffin tins), I found a mold kit on Amazon. I was surprised how easy it was to make the shells—just pop a few tortillas in the mold and bake 7-10 minutes—and how much fun it is to add my own fillings and toppings. Despite the many components of this dish, it's also fairly easy as far as preparation. You can serve 4 of these in under an hour, and they are pretty impressive.

Here is the link for the molds on Amazon:

The mold kit is only about $8 and ca…

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